Lindsay Durham (musician)

I love shooting weddings. I do. But, something about me just comes alive when I get to do creative portrait sessions. I love developing the idea and concept of a shoot. Collaborating with the client and figuring out what they want and making it come to life in a different way than someone else would do it. When Lindsay asked me to do photos for upcoming demo I was so excited to work on this shoot with her. She showed me albums that she liked and we talked about all of her favorite things and decades. After talking all of this over at a dive bar over blues music I couldn’t have been more eager to get the shoot going!  I knew that I wanted it to be vintage and very much Lindsay! Because of that we did the majority of the shoot at her house and in her van. After that we did some more formal shots at the beach with some awesome doors! I hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I enjoyed making them : )

I had never been to Lindsay’s house before the shoot and I couldn’t have imagined it better in my head. How lucky to have this awesome chair in front of those curtains! I drew up a shot just like this hoping I could make something work and it was already set up perfectly. Thank you Lindsay for you vintage awesomeness.

P.S. Those boots are her mom’s from the 70’s. Can this girl get any cooler?

During this part of the shoot I may have taken WAY too many photos because I just didn’t want to stop her singing. She is so talented. I could have listened to her play and sing for hours.

What a beautiful face!

Eeek! I just love this. ha.

I have a weakness for dresses with pockets.

Heavy doors on the hot beach? Worth it! Thank you Beth for letting us borrow them. They were amazing!


Lindsay, the words I think of to describe you are lovely and confident. I think you are so naturally graceful and beautiful. I love how you hold yourself with assurance and are up front with who you are. I thoroughly enjoyed our time working on these pictures and I can’t wait until you grace my path again. I have every ounce of confidence that you are a star.

with love,



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