Jennifer Jones (Bridal Portraits)

Read any photo blog and we will all say the same thing, the hardest part of doing bridal portraits is that you have to wait sooo long to post the photos!  After I finish a shoot I am so eager to post them up. But, with bridals you usually have to wait at least 3-6 months until the wedding is over to reveal the beautiful dress!  So, needless to say, I am super excited to share Jen’s bridal portraits with you : )

Jen picked the location at the awesome Winmock at Kinderton and I couldn’t have been happier! It was gorgeous and so was she!

I love that she wanted to include the football for Michael.

This one might be my favorite : ) I love the flower in her hair and the shape of her dress!

Isn’t the location magical? Also, you should know that they are currently in the process of turning it into a venue! I wish this would have been around for my wedding!

Could the light have been any more beautiful on her?

The red details were awesome. When I got there she asked if I thought it was o.k. for her nails to be red instead of a french manicure. This is so much better than a french manicure!

The light was just drawn to her the whole shoot!

I’m really falling in love with black and whites these days. More on that soon!

I loved every minute of this shoot, even the sunburns that followed. What an amazing dress and beautiful girl! Can’t wait to show you their wedding!

with love,


p.s. For information regarding events at the Winmock at Kinderton contact Andrea Bailey at Sterling Events. Phone: 336-397-2003 or E-mail:



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4 responses to “Jennifer Jones (Bridal Portraits)

  1. Donna


  2. Gorgeous! The bride and the dress are just stunning… you certainly brought life to our old charming barns. You’ll have to come back for a visit when rennovations are complete next year!

  3. aaron

    i really like your logo sj

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