Thoughtful Thursdays! (We’re trading in the iMac for a macbook…)

I believe this is my first time being able to actually do a Thoughtful Thursday post and it’s a big one!  Me and Kyle have been in a year of transition. At least that’s how it’s felt. It seems like we knew whatever happened after our lease ended here would be monumental to us. We didn’t know what it would be and still don’t know for absolute certain. But, whatever it would be, we knew it would be huge!  We’ve had a few things come up that we thought were ‘it’ but they weren’t and we see why now. But, we have a pretty decent idea of what ‘it’ is now. Unless something crazy comes out of nowhere we will be traveling the u.s. for a year or so. We will be selling all of our things except for the sentimental and irreplaceable and packing up my car and traveling for a year.

We are going to spend the first four months after our lease is up closer to our families, because we miss them and we want to be home for the holidays. We will spend the first two weeks of August backpacking Europe, the rest of August and September in Lenoir, NC with Kyle’s family, October in and around Asheville, NC to be near my family, then November and December in Boiling Springs, NC with Joanna and Chris Holloman. Then, starting in January, we’re on the road.

The plan is to hit all 50 states and Canada! I’ll hopefully be able to book some portrait sessions along the way and maybe exchange photography for places to stay and we will both look for random odd jobs along the way. This is so exciting for us both and we feel so strongly like it is what we’re supposed to be doing.

We’ve both felt like we’re not supposed to be those people who go to work everyday and come home and eat dinner and buy things. We’ve been those people for a year now and it just isn’t right. We have to take steps towards a simpler way of life and a different way of life. This is our first step and I can’t wait!  We’d love to see you on our trip, just let us know where you are and we’ll let you know when we’re going to be in the area!

with love and excitement,




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4 responses to “Thoughtful Thursdays! (We’re trading in the iMac for a macbook…)

  1. Aunt Cheri

    We’d love for you to visit Georgia ;o)

  2. aaron

    please come see me when you come to KY!

  3. Vanessa

    You are welcome to stop by here when you are passing through NY. We live near Rochester, NY which is only an hour and a half from Niagara Falls.

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